April 25, 2012

Mobile Hotspots : Africa Q1 '12

Image courtesy of kiwanja.net

 In Q1 of 2012, across continental Africa, a total of 6.2 billion ads were served making up 13.7% of global ad traffic. This is a growth of 85% against the first quarter of 2011 when 2.6 billion ads were served. 

In the first quarter, the region has already served nearly half the traffic generated over all of 2011. While the top 3 markets (Nigeria, South Africa & Kenya) remain of high interest among advertisers, marketers will do well to monitor the growth in Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Please download the latest review abstracted from our Campaign Planner.

April 24, 2012

The BuzzCity Report - Volume 2 Issue 2

The latest edition of The BuzzCity Report is now available. In Q1’12, more than 45 billion ad banners were delivered across the entire network. This is a quarter-on-quarter increase of 16% with the top 20 countries delivering 77% (35.0 billion) of all banners served.

The Top five countries are

  1. India    11,198,095,486 (banners served)
  2. Indonesia    6,137,166,633
  3. United States    2,800,350,421
  4. Nigeria    1,773,096,511
  5. South Africa    1,313,586,148
As always, we’ve included a round-up of our detailed statistics and analytics, allowing you to see the trends and forces that are shaping the mobile ecosystem. 

Please download the full report here.

April 23, 2012

BuzzCity Tours: May & June‘12

Asia Pacific Media Forum 
(23 - 26 May, Bali)  
The forum highlights trends on advertising, media and consumer adoption as well as their impact on business models and media. Silvie will be visiting and looks forward to meeting with you.

The BuzzCity Roadshow, Jakarta. (31 May, Jakarta) 

Our Indonesia team hosts The BuzzCity Roadshow this month and welcomes Hera Laxmi Devi (Axiata), Pamela Yap (Dentsu), Ari Fadyl (Nokia) and Dibya Pradana (Ayofoto) who will share their insights in mobile marketing. We will be at the Grand Kemang Hotel and hope to see you there. The program includes a light lunch, and the event will end at 5pm, with an informal networking session.  Please email us to reserve a seat.

The BuzzCity Roadshow, Bangkok. (29th June, Bangkok)
Our roadshow visits Bangkok in June. Details to follow; please check back soon.

Our team mates will also be attending
  1. Open Mobile Summit, London  (May 29-30)
  2. LeWeb London  (June 19-20)
We hope to be seeing you!

April 18, 2012

Top Phones : March 2012

By the end of March 2012, the global distribution of mobile phones across our network is as follows. 
  1. Nokia    (47.7%)    continues to dominate but is 3.3%   down from last month.
  2. Samsung (14.4%) continues to grow its market share and grew another 1.8%.
  3. White Box Phones make up 9.6% (0.9% up) of global usage
  4. Blackberry (8.6%) is -1.3% down, and 
  5. Apple (6.9%) increased by another 0.4%

April 12, 2012

Over the Top

By Hisham Isa, Vice President (Marketing)

As Mobile Commerce takes centre stage, two related and recurring topics are likely to dominate discussions in the mobile industry over the next year: Fragmentation and Over-the-Top services.

  • Which mobile platform and mobile device will be the preferred choice of consumers?
  • How will they pay for services?
  • And how will carriers adapt?
The demand for mobile content keeps growing.  There are more and more ways to view it.  And this is attracting more players into the game . . .  often in ways that appear to threaten the costs and earnings of carriers.

Platform Wars

By Hisham Isa, Vice President (Marketing)

Kindles, iPads, Galaxy smartphones, MAUI, HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows 8 . . . so many choices, so much more work to cater for them all.  Can't we just have a one-size-fits-all solution?

A simple straight-forward answer would enable developers and advertisers to get a better night's rest . . . . or at least cut back a bit on their working hours.

But that's not going to happen.

Fragmentation is going to rule for at least another year.

April 10, 2012

mCommerce 2012

by Hisham Isa, Vice President (Marketing)

Even with a generic feature phone from a company like Zen Mobile in India or MTK Mobiles in China, I can easily go online to check train schedules, buy tickets and shop for a variety of items from ringtones to hardback books.

Mobile Commerce is a major factor driving growth in the mobile industry right now, from the time that consumers spend online to the number of ads served every day.

In a BuzzCity survey of seventeen countries across four continents, one-quarter of respondents say they conduct a mobile transaction every day.

But carriers and advertisers are largely neglecting two key market segments: women and 'mature' users, particularly those over the age of 35.