March 01, 2012

BuzzCity Tours : Mar & Apr 2012

Unilever - Media Innovation Day. (6 Mar, Ho Chi Minh City)
In 2011, South East Asian markets delivered more than 26% of banner ads served on mobiles globally. In Vietnam, a web & mobile savvy audience drove mobile advertising traffic by 410%. Delynn shares insights into “Catching the Next Wave of Growth” of mobiles in South East Asia and, particularly, in Vietnam.

Asia Pacific ICT Summit 2012. (13 - 14 Mar, Singapore)
KF Lai joins a panel of experts to discuss how companies are developing their Mobile engagement strategies, the implementation process and success of their mobile campaigns. 

Digital Advertising Gathering 2012 (30 March, Jakarta)  
Trends continue to evolve across the mobile internet as growth continues particularly among the hotspots of South East Asia. KF Lai shares some of the key trends that advertisers and marketers need to consider as they develop their mobile marketing campaigns.

Malaysian Media Conference. (2 Apr, Kuala Lumpur)  
The internet is, by now, the largest mass medium on the planet. You’d expect to find brand advertising everywhere on the web; but planning digital media is plagued by challenges. 

KF Lai shares a mobile ad network’s perspective on "The Problem with Digital Media", takes a look at how audience behavior keeps changing and how this affects media planning.

Buzzness Mobile. Paris (3-5 April).
Look out for Anna and Ann-Catherine who will be attending.

Digital Paris. (11-12 April, Paris).
The team from our Paris Office will host a booth at this event and will be happy to share more from our latest campaigns in France and across Europe.

MMA Forum Singapore. (23 April).
We are again proud to sponsor the efforts of the MMA in supporting brands and marketers develop clear mobile strategies. 

Digital Marketing & New Media Congress. (25 April. Bangkok).
Look our for Suttiporn will share insights from campaigns across S.E. Asia particularly Thailand..

MMA Brand and Agency Briefing . 
(26 April, London).
Anna will share insights from our mCommerce survey and various campaigns across Europe, Africa and South America.

The BuzzCity Roadshow. (27 April, Kuala Lumpur).
We visit Malaysia to share the opportunities that exist in mobile marketing. We hope to be seeing you!