December 09, 2011

Global Hotspots : The State of Play for the Mobile Web

The year-end push for sales highlights advertiser hotspots as we turn into the New Year. Here's a snapshot of the key markets that are expected to drive mobile internet advertising in 2012.

  1. Indonesia remains a much sought after market and this is likely to remain as operators are expected to release, by mid-December, an approved “whitelist” of VAS players following a crackdown on errant subscriptions.
  2. Other South East Asian markets where advertiser demand is expected to continue includes Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.
  3. Across Continental Africa, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria remain key targets for advertisers. South African and Kenyan CPC rates have stabilized and are expected to draw in more advertisers. Nigeria remains competitive although CPC rates have seen a slight increase.
  4. In South America, Brazil and Mexico continues to grow in traffic; Mexico is expected to deliver quarterly traffic of 1B impression in the New Year. CPC rates in Argentina and Chile have stabilized to more sustainable levels.
  5. In the United States, rates remain competitive as advertiser demand is expected to be met with traffic growth.
  6. In continental Europe the UK, Italy, France, Poland and Turkey are expected to sustain advertiser interest as mobile activity continues to grow.
  7. Other advertiser hotspots that are expected to continue attracting advertiser interest in 2012 include Australia where double digit annual growth persists despite sometimes fluctuating advertiser demand.