December 29, 2010

The BlackBerry® Developer Conference Asia

We have a series of tours and road shows planned for 2011.  We start the New Year with a stand at The BlackBerry® Developer Conference Asia in Bali, Indonesia (13th - 14th Jan). Our colleagues from Singapore and Jakarta will be on hand to meet with partners and share revenue opportunities through in-app advertising on our ad network.

Happy New Year and we look forward to catching up with you!

December 22, 2010

M-Ads: Advertising Inside an App

By Delynn Ho, VP Sales

Our partners spoke and we listened. In this case, mobile application publishers said they don't like losing eyeballs. Unless, Je tells me, it's part of a really rad game like Inferi Dii. But when it comes to users exiting an app because they've clicked on a banner ad, that's not so cool.

So, please allow me to introduce m-Ads . . . banner ads that open inside an application.

Living the Mobile Lifestyle

Life without a mobile phone has become impossible to imagine, not because everyone has one but probably because the mobile has many uses. It wakes you up in the mornings; you can take photos with it. You can take notes too. And with the internet, it has become a reference library. The mobile phone is about to rival the PC as a means of accessing the internet.

So what is the mobile lifestyle?

This brief chat with Michael De Souza on Malaysian radio station BFM ‘Tech Talk’ tries to explain what exactly is the mobile life and other topics such as:

The evolution of SMS
How the gaming industry is going mobile
Mobile apps and the advertising model
And the future of mobile phones..

Listen to the full interview below

December 09, 2010

Now-Cook Users Get Busy in the Kitchen

by Michael de Souza, VP Media

If stats are anything to go by, then Now-Cook, BuzzCity’s new mobile recipe portal, has been delivering on its promise of quick, tasty and fuss-free recipes for everyday eating, to hundreds of thousands of users around the world. In the month of November, the Now-Cook site delivered a month-on-month increase of 76% in traffic, with over a million page impressions served. That’s on top of the previous month’s traffic growth of 75%.

December 08, 2010


By Delynn Ho, VP Sales

Here at BuzCity, we've noticed that travel and hospitality providers are increasingly turning to mobile to market services and interact with customers. In previous entries, we've already looked at how carriers – like SriLankan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines – have been using mobile to sell tickets, track bags and more.

But what about after the flight?

This week, we look at a mobile campaign run by, which – as the name probably tells you – is a platform for travelers to find a place to stay.

December 01, 2010

More Bands , More Venues

November was a busy month for JamSked as our producers signed more bands and their gigs onto the portal. By the end of November, the service listed more than 4,000 bands playing at more than 2,000 venues worldwide. Nearly half a million people visited the site and generated 1.8 million pageviews (61% increase from last month) as fans searched for gigs to attend.