October 25, 2010

Djuzz' CMS

By Romulo “Je” Alipio, Executive Producer, Games

I'm going to make a bold statement. If you want to deliver multimedia content to a mobile device, Djuzz' Content Management System (CMS) is by far and away the best platform.

When we first designed the Djuzz CMS, our intention was to develop a platform that could intelligently deliver games to mobile devices. But it has grown into much more than that. After a few feature additions and core tweaks, we've been able to extend the system to take in and efficiently distribute any type of content, including music, videos, apps, images and flash.

What makes the Djuzz CMS stand out?

It's intelligent . . . .

The World Film Collective - A Case Study of the Djuzz CMS

By Romulo “Je” Alipio, Executive Producer, Games
Few organisations demonstrate the transformative power of mobile phones like the World Film Collective, a non-profit organisation that teaches filmmaking to disadvantaged young people around the world. Their primary tool – the camera phone.

WFC offers free workshops to youth from marginalised communities, places like the Khayelisha Township near Cape Town, South Africa -- where sixty percent of the population under the age of 30 is unemployed – and the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, where 80% of the refugees live below the poverty line.

The results are outstanding: short films – some fiction, some documentaries or news-styled reports – about everything from alcoholism to gender discrimination to night clubs and the World Cup.


Over the past couple months, in response to rapid growth and strong uptake of the service, we've implemented several important upgrades to Djuzz. Regular readers of this blog know that Djuzz started out as an ad-supported games and applications portal. But as Je shares in this article, Djuzz has grown into a multi-media engine that can serve everything from ringtones to movies.

October 23, 2010

Download the BuzzCity Android SDK

The BuzzCity SDK for Android is available for download here. The SDK enables Android developers to embed advertising in their applications and games, providing an additional revenue stream.

It supports all releases of the Android platform (from 1.5 to the latest) and no license fees apply. To start earning, developers will need to sign up as a BuzzCity publisher.With the SDK, applications will be able to retrieve both text and graphical ad banners. Account and revenue statistics are completely transparent with real-time updates available at Buzzcity.

The SDK is free to use and applications will be approved and classified within 24 hours.

October 14, 2010


Our recent release of the Mobile Ad Index for Q3 2010 received a lot of interest. In particular, attention focused on Kenya which has seen 6 months of triple digit growth ; probably a direct result of the price war between Zain and Safaricom.

So we thought we’d share a bit more about the Kenyan mobile user and what they usually get up to …..

Who is the Kenyan mobile surfer?

October 12, 2010

BuzzCity Tours : November 2010

Many of us will be travelling again this November and hope to be meeting up with you.

October 11, 2010


By Romulo “Je” Alipio, Executive Producer, Games

Earlier this year, I was thrilled when I wrote that Djuzz was celebrating its 100,000th download, just six weeks or so after the soft launch of the mobile games portal. Today, some eight months later, if I were to be thrilled by the same number, I'd have to jump up and down, well a lot . . . twice a day, in fact. As of October, the Djuzz Catalogue
  • offers 7000 games and applications
  • created by over 100 game developers
  • syndicated by 550 partners 
  • who attract 85,000 unique visitors every day
  • who are downloading 6 – 7 million apps and games every month.
Our top markets now are a diverse lot: India, Indonesia, South Africa, the UK, US and Malaysia.

Over time, we did some research on how to improve traffic and traction on the site, mapping out the impact and effect of different features. And we also listened to our premium catalogue partners – sometimes over the phone or by email, sometimes in face-to-face meetings – to learn what they need to make Djuzz work best for them.

As a result, we've just rolled out a number of new features and tools that enhance user experience and provide better value for our partners. I'd like to share a few of these with you now.

October 01, 2010

South Africa’s Next Gold Mine

By Michael de Souza, Vice President (Media)

South Africa has all the ingredients for a rich and diverse mobile internet environment. The cost of internet access is dropping and there are progressively cheaper handsets with bigger screens, better usability, and faster access on offer.

But one very important thing is missing: CONTENT.

Apart from a handful of savvy publishers, the options available to South African mobile consumers are few and far between. If you eliminate the full-size web pages that require scrolling from left to right to be able to read a line of text, mobile directories containing nothing but links to other directory sites and the ‘on-deck’ sites run by the networks, there’s very little local media to consume on the mobile internet.

It’s like the web of the mid-90s. We know that quality, locally relevant content is out there somewhere, but we’re damned if we can find any when we pick up a mobile device.