August 05, 2010

What’s Cooking?

By Michael de Souza, Vice President (Media)

In this edition of the Gamma Life blog, join us as we walk to the kitchen to give you a taste of BuzzCity's latest offering, a new mobile portal called Now-Cook.

If you're a foodie like me, but don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, Now-Cook is for you. Here you'll find a collection of scrumptious recipes from partners around the world for simple dishes that are easy and quick to prepare.

You might say that Now-Cook brings healthy fast food right into your kitchen. There are no complicated procedures, no dithering about with affected arrangements on oversized plates and no effete garnishes. Now-Cook is all about everyday eating. The recipes are straightforward, but they have bold flavours and can be an inspiration for novices and experienced cooks alike.
A Wide Selection
We’ve been working with international media partners, like Nestle and India Today, to source a wide variety of recipes, representing a range of global tastes and flavours. A number of magazines, newspapers and book publishing houses have made commitments to contribute content as well. Our team has been ruthless in selecting dishes with few ingredients that require no special skill to prepare.

One dish that's caught my eye is Indonesian Ginger Chicken, which can be prepared with just five ingredients, including the chicken!

If visitors to the site, meanwhile, would like to share their own recipes, the place to go is the Now-Cook group in myGamma.

Why Now-Cook?
BuzzCity user surveys consistently show that people want to be able to do more with their phones. Mobile commerce is near the top of the list. And when we ask respondents what they'd like to buy, one of the top answers is groceries. Well, the world isn't there yet. Supply chains that would enable consumers to place orders via mobile devices still need to be put in place. In the meantime, though, at BuzzCity, we believe brands need to share more product information online. And in the F & B industry, the best application for this . . . is recipes.

The launch of Now-Cook is also part of BuzzCity's strategy of nurturing and syndicating mobile content. Our first portal, myGamma, enables partners to develop communities and user-generated content. Earlier this year, we launched our mobile games portal Djuzz as well as the Djuzz Catalogue, which provides partners – independent sites and telcos alike -- with free content so they can build their audience base.

As the content is developed, audience size grows, which attracts more advertisers and supports BuzzCity's ad distribution model.

Now-Cook joins our growing list of mobile properties, part of a strategy that will see the roll-out of more mobile content portals in the near future. Our surveys show that mobile users crave content and the quick adoption of Djuzz by surfers and gamers confirms it.

Mobile Transforms the Cooking Experience
The days of scrawled shopping lists and forgotten ingredients are behind us, at least for the Now-Cook community. The mobile format enables our army of informal cooks to take the recipe to the supermarket and straight back into the kitchen.

The site’s also search-powered, so users can find recipes by category and ingredients (chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, etc). There are featured recipes and a list of the sites most recent and most popular content, as measured by page-views.

Launching soon!
Our engineers have set the table, dimmed the lights and chilled the drinks. Please, take a seat at the bar and we’ll let you know just as soon as dinner is served.