March 31, 2009

BuzzCity Road Show - 2009

The first quarter ‘09 has seen lively interest in mobile internet advertising from brands and agencies. The BuzzCity Roadshow 2009 begins in Singapore on 23 April with a Marketing Roundtable and a Developer Garage.

At the Marketing Roundtable, panelists will share case studies and discuss issues that are current to the industry. Over at the Developers Garage will be a series of presentations highlighting the ways developers can integrate applications with our community of users.

March 25, 2009


Like to meet up with a BuzzCity exec to talk about the latest in mobile advertising and social networking? Here's your chance. We'll be making the run of mobile industry conferences, starting with CTIA in Las Vegas from 1 - 3 April. Wandrille our director of European sales, will be in Vegas for CTIA. Please email him to set up a meeting or he's likely to spend too much time at the tables and cabaret shows. 

You can also catch up with Wandrille in London during the Mobile Advertising and Marketing Awards 2009 (7 May) and the inaugural Smartpipes Conference (19 May).

We kick off the 2009 BuzzCity Roadshow in Singapore on 23 April with a Marketing Roundtable and Developer Garage. Then in June, Kok Fung and Anna will be in Barcelona for Mobile 2.0 Europe (17 – 19 June) and then in London for the Mobile Entertainment Forum ‘meffy’ awards (23 June).

We look forward to catching up with you!

March 05, 2009


By Hisham Isa, Vice President (Marketing)

Just about every mobile campaign, by its very nature, is targeted at a particular audience. However many companies do not target their ads strategically. In this week's column, I'd like to share some best practices with you and also take a look at the Targeting Capabilities of the BuzzCity ad server. Particularly if you are a campaign manager who purchases ad space on the fly, I invite you to think about these five rules: 

March 01, 2009